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El Paso Fire Department  -  Stations & Apparatus
The El Paso Fire Department - responds to over 70,000 emergency calls annually. Fire Operations is responsible for the emergency response of the Fire Department. The section consists of three shifts of firefighters that work twenty-four hour shifts and medics that work twelve hour shifts.

The mission of the fire department is to provide emergency response, prevention, preparedness, and education to residents, businesses and visitors of the city so they can live safely and prosper in a hazard resilient community.

El Paso firefighters are members of the IAFF Local 51
El Paso Fire Department 416 North Stanton, Suite 200 El Paso 915-485-5600
Sta Engine Truck Special Units Address Area
CS Eng   Amb 201 South Florence Central
2 Eng   Amb 111 East Borderland West
3 Eng   Amb 721 East Rio Grande Central
4 Eng     1218 Randolph Central
5 Eng Truck   400 Revere Street Central
6   Truck Amb 1850 Firehouse Drive East
7 Eng Truck BC 3200 Pershing Ave Central
8 Eng     301 East Robinson Central
9 Eng   Amb 47 Dallas Central
10 Eng     1801 Montana Ave Central
11 Eng Truck Amb 314 South Leon Central
12 Eng   Amb 3801 Fort Blvd Central
14       6300 Delta Central
15 Eng, Eng     115 Shorty Lane West
16 Eng Truck Amb 3828 Hercules Northeast
17 Eng   Amb 8803 Alameda Lower Valley
18 Eng Truck Amb 7901 San Jose Lower Valley
19 Eng   Amb 2405 McRae East
20 Eng Truck Amb 8301 Edgemere East
21 Eng   Amb 10000 Dyer Northeast
22 Eng Truck Amb, Pickup Truck 6500 North Mesa West
23 Eng     5315 Threadgill Northeast
24 Eng Truck   1498 Lomaland Drive East
25 Eng   Amb 10834 Ivanhoe East
26 Eng   Amb 9418 North Loop Lower Valley
27 Eng   Amb 6767 Ojo De Agua West
28   Truck   10820 McCombs Northeast
29 Eng   Amb 11977 Pellicano Drive East
30       4451 Loma Clara Court Northeast
31       122 Mesa Park Drive West
33 Eng Truck   3475 Nolan Richardson East
34       6565 Angora Loop South Northeast
35 Eng   Amb 12230 Pine Springs Drive East
37   Truck Amb 12950 RC Poe East
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